How To Solve Your Printer Issues

There are plenty of new model Printers available in the market nowadays. The basic purpose for all these Printers is to print the documents and images. The other functions made by these Printers include scan, fax and copy jobs. Also the latest model Printers featured with the latest technologies enhances the options like mobile Printing , quiet mode operation etc.

Hp Printer

The HP Printer are  user-friendly Printers available at cheaper cost. The printouts made by these Printers are of high quality. These HP Printer setup have compact designs so that you can carry wherever you go. Then the printing speed of these Printer is high and this can perform multiple jobs like print, scan and copy functions.

Canon Printer

Canon Printers are one of the topmost Printers available in the market for the users. Then photo printouts made by these Printer are of best quality that satisfies with the users. This Printer can make both the black and white and colored printing at greater speed. Canon Printers are more economical cost wise for the users and has durable spare parts.  

Epson Printer

Epson Printer is one of  the foremost Printers available with the latest technologies in them. These Printers can make the high quality printing using the good standard cartridges. These Printers with the different design and models are available in the market.  Then, each model of these  Printers  have  individual feature to perform printing. 

Samsung Printer

The Samsung Printer is one of the user-friendly Printer most suitable for IT environment. Then the Thin Print’s printing software allows the user to print the confidential documents safely. Finally, this Printer begins the printing process only after proper verification by the user.

Guidelines for Printer Troubleshooting Issues

The different types of Printers will have common problems while making print, scan and fax jobs. Then, solutions or steps involved to mitigate your Printers problems will be almost same.

Paper Jam Issues

The paper jam issue while Printing may occurs due to various reasons
Bad Quality Papers : Bad conditioned papers forms dust and debris, which may result in printing issue.
Incorrect Placement of Papers: Among the stack of unused papers that you load in the input tray, there may be bend and fold papers that may cause paper jam.​
Incorrect Adjustment of Paper width Guide: Once you load the Printer’s paper tray with the stack of papers, then move the paper width guides such that they touch the edges of the paper. When you forget to make this paper width guide adjustment, then papers may get stuck in between your Printer while you make the Print job.
Damaged or Poor-Quality Cartridges : The poor standard cartridges may cause the ink spill that leads to paper jam and poor quality Printing.
Improper Insertion of Papers:If you do not align the papers to be loaded properly, then that may result in paper jam once you insert them.
Overloading of Papers:Paper jam occurs when you load papers in excess than the input tray can hold. The papers exceeding the capacity of paper tray might results in paper jam.
Defective Printer Rollers:If the Printer Roller is defective due to extended usage or any other reason, or you insert the damaged Printer rollers then that may control the papers in a wrong way. Then this can result in paper jam.

Scan Issues in Printer

Similar to issues in printing, there are many issues that occurs when you make the scan.
1. Poor Grade Prints

In some cases, your scanned prints will be of low-quality or may look faded. To solve this, you can check if the cable connection to the power outlet and the computer are proper. This is because in few scanners, loose connections result in improper power supply while scanning.

2. Late Print

It consumes more time to print or scan the photos or documents of large resolution and to satisfy you with good quality outputs. Then to save time, you can choose normal quality and plain paper for printing. Then you can choose PCL in print driver settings to make quicker printing.

3. Paper Clog or Jam

While you make a print or scan of your documents paper jam occur in your Printer in some cases. The paper jam occurs due to various reasons like improper insertion of papers, overloading of papers, improper adjustment of paper width guides and so on. Then you can proceed with the proper procedure to load papers and handle Printer that can fix the paper jam issue during print or scan job.

4. Delayed Wi-Fi Print or Scan

Like how insufficient power supply gives out faded printouts, the weak Wi-Fi signal also produces faded and low quality printouts. For this, you can use the router that gives you 5GHz and 2.4GHz band signal.

5. Cartridge Issue

The photos or documents that you scan may not match the original photos or documents. This occurs due to defective cartridge or improper installation of cartridges. Next you must insert the cartridges properly and then change the Print color choices on your control panel to troubleshoot this scan issue.

Printer Offline Issues

If your computer not able to communicate with the Printer, then the message Printer offline appears on your computer. The faults like print jobs stuck in print queue, bad configurations, problems in connections and error drivers may cause this Printer Offline issue. Finally, to overcome this issue, you can go with any of the methods.

Troubleshoot Printer Offline Issues in Windows 7 System

You can proceed with the below steps to troubleshoot the Printer Offline error.
  • First to get Run, tap the Windows and R keys at the same time. Then on the dialog box, enter services.msc and hit Enter.
  • Next the window displays the Windows Services list, slide down to avail the Print Spooler.
  • Then make a double- click on that to control print jobs.
  • Now set Startup Type to Automatic in the Print Spooler Properties. Then when the Spooler startup set Manual, then tap on the drop-down menu to make the changes.
  • Next tap Start button and relax till Windows begins the Spooler service. Then tap Apply button after it completes and approve the changes.
  • If Print Spooler status changing does not succeed to solve the issue, then move to next step.
  • Next, tap the Windows key and from the Start menu select Devices and Printers .
  • Now make a right click on that Printer and from the Pop-up menu choose See what’s printing .
  • After this, tap Printer tab on the new window and deselect Devices and Printers. Finally, deselect the option Use Printer Offline.

Check the Printer Connections

Initially make sure that the cable you connect to the Printer is not defective or does not holds loose connection. Next disconnect the USB cable and restart the computer and the Printer. Then confirm that you connect your Printer to the power supply. Next restart the Wi-Fi router if that is the wireless Printer.

Install New Printer Drivers

You must download and install the new updated version of the driver, if your Printer driver is not compatible with your Windows OS version or is outdated.

Troubleshoot Print Spooler Issues

Check My Print Spooler

  • First to open the Run dialog box, tap the Windows key and R simultaneously. Then enter services .msc and hit enter.
  • Next make a double-click on the Print Spooler.
  • Else tap Start and then choose Control Panel.
  • Next Services from the Administrative Tools. Then choose Print Spooler.

Troubleshoot Print Spooler in Windows 10

  • First activate the Spooler Service or begin the Printer Spooler Service. Next tap the Start and in the Search box enter Services.msc.
  • Else tap WIN and Q simultaneously and enter Services.msc in the box.
  • Now make a double-click on the Printer Spooler. Then tap Start.
  • Next choose Automatic from the Startup type list and then tap OK. Then check the Printer.

End Spooling in Printer

  • First stop printing and then open Control panel. Then identify and make a double-click on Administrative Tools.
  • Next make a double-click on Services. Then make a right click on Print Spooler.
  • Now choose Stop and delete print jobs. Then reboot spooling.
Printer Setup
  • First tap Start button and then tap devices and Printers. Next choose Add a Printer on the left top corner and tap that option.
  • Next you can see the Printer Setup Wizard and asks if you like to install your Printer by USB cable or wireless network.
  • Now choose the option use an existing port and choose USB001/USB002 and then tap the Next button.
  • Then in the Next window, you may see the built-in drivers list. Then choose your Printer name and model number.
  • Now tap on Next to install that driver.
  • Then the above steps not works, then use the Have Disk option if you have downloaded the drivers from the official website.
  • Still when you are not able to get the driver, then tap the Windows update to install the printer driver.
  • After this, your Printer gets installed properly.

There are varieties of new model Printers available in the market. Therefore, some of the top brand Printers with their model numbers

  • Epson WP-4011 Inkjet Printer
  • Epson LQ-50 Dot Matrix Printer
  • Epson K100 Single Function Inkjet Printer
  • Epson Picturemate Charm Photo Printer
  • Epson 805 Inject Printer Black
  • Canon PIXMA TS207 Inkjet Printer
  • Canon PIXMA TS307 Inkjet Printer
  • Canon LBP7110Cw Printer with Wi-Fi
  • Canon LBP 6780X Mono Printer
  • Canon Image Class MF426DW All-in-One Laser Printer
  • Samsung SL-M2021W Inkjet Printer
  • Samsung ML 2851ND Laser Printer
  • Samsung SL M2071 Multifunctional Laser Printer
  • Samsung Xpress C410W Printer
  • Samsung ProXpress M3870W Laser Multifunctional Printer
Frequently Asked Questions
If the ink cartridges are kept over long time, then they may dry up and may become unsteady.  Then to solve this drying out problem, printing using your Printer every week is necessary so that your  cartridges operate properly.  Next the frequent cleaning of Print Head results in smooth running of cartridges.
  • First switch Off the Printer. Then tap the reset button on back of Printer and hold that reset button.
  • Next switch ON the Printer , holding that reset button.
  • Now a warning may gets printed, after 5 seconds.
  • Then after another 6 seconds, a sheet showing the factory reset IP address of your Printer will be printed.
  • First switch ON your Printer. Then from the Printer’s top, tap the Wi-Fi button and hold that button till alarm light blinks once.
  • Next confirm that the light next to button begins to blink blue. Then from your access point, tap the WPS button before 1.30 minutes.
First tap Wireless Properties and next tap the Security tab. Then to view the wireless network password, tap the Show characters check box.
  • First access the Printer connection on your computer.
  • Next tap START and enter “Windows Update”. Then choose “Check for updates” on the windows.
  • Finally you get results, you can choose for optional updates or install updates links. Then proceed with the on-screen instructions till you complete.
The reason for your Printer had stopped working might be due to head cleaning, ink charging or ink drying. Then, your Printer will display WAIT on the panel during the head cleaning or ink charging. Then your Printer will display INK DRY NN MIN during ink drying.  Finally, wait for sometime so that your Printer resumes printing.
First,  reason for this is may be your Printer not able to detect the new ink cartridge or the ink chamber might be seen as empty. Then most of the Printers have the feature to reset cartridge, that induces the machine to detect the cartridge as new.  Then pull the clamp holding the cartridge without taking out the cartridge from the Printer.