Samsung Multifunction Printer is the foremost Printer performing multi-functions suitable for office use. This Printer manages the print, scan, fax and copy functions efficiently and increases your productivity. This Samsung Printer saves time of the user with reduction in cost they spend for printouts. These Samsung Printers are modeled with updated technology and very compact to fit your room.  In case of home printing, this Printer is more convenient for the users. You can visit the HP Official site for the download and installation of the driver software for your Samsung setup printer .

Way to install Printer Driver on Samsung Printer

  • First make sure you update the Samsung Printer driver manually.
  • Then to download the driver, login to HP’s official website.
  • Next tap Printer and enter your Printer model. Then tap Submit.
  • Now confirm that you have choose the correct operating system version.

Steps to install Samsung Printer on Windows 10  computer

  • First use the USB cable to connect your computer to your Printer. Then switch ON.
  • Next on the Start menu, open the Settings app. Then tap Devices.
  • Now tap Add a Printer or Scanner. Then if Windows recognizes your Printer, then choose the name of your Printer.
  • Next proceed with the On-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Samsung Printer Wireless setup

  • First you must have the network name(SSID), type of security used and network password to avail the wireless network.

WPS button method

  • To avail the wireless network by WPS button, make sure your machine and the wireless router supports the Wi-Fi Protected setup.
  • Then tap the wireless button on the Printer’s control panel to avail the WPS button.
  • There are two types of WPS method for availing wireless network.

1) Push button Method  

  • By this method to avail the wireless network, press the WPS button on both the machine and network router.
  • First from the control panel of your machine, tap the WPS button. Then tap the WPS button on the wireless router.

2) Personal Identification Number(PIN) method

  • By this method, you must just type the PIN information on Wi-Fi Protected Setup to connect your Printer to the wireless network.
    Connecting PIN mode
  • First from your control panel, choose Menu and then Network.
  • Next choose Wireless and then WPS Setting. Then choose PIN.
  • Now tap and hold the WPS button for more than 3seconds, so that eight-digit PIN displays.
  • Then enter the eight-digit PIN number before 120 seconds so that you connect your computer to the wireless router.

Samsung setup printer - Re-connection to network

  • Even if the wireless function OFF, the machine tries to connect to the router automatically using the wireless connection settings and address used before.
  • On two cases this reconnection occurs. First when your Printer is switched OFF and ON again. Then the wireless router switches OFF and ON again.
  • Cancellation of Connection process
  • If the machine connects to the wireless network, to cancel the wireless network tap and release the Stop/Clear button on your Printer’s control panel.
  • At least after three minutes, re-connect the wireless network.

Disconnect from network

  • First tap the WPS button on the control panel for nearly three seconds to disconnect the wireless network connection.
  • Next the Printer disconnects from the network and the WPS LED switches OFF if the Wi-Fi network stays in idle mode.

General steps for Samsung Printer wireless setup

  • First on the Start menu, choose Programs. Then choose Samsung Printers and then Samsung Easy Printer Manager.
  • Next choose Device Settings and then network. Then choose Wi-Fi Direct ON to enable the Wi-Fi.
  • Now to avail your Printer on wireless network, choose your Printer’s name. Then type the IP address of your Printer.

Steps to install non compatible Printer drivers on Windows 10 computer

  • First make a right-click on the driver file. Then tap on Troubleshoot compatibility.
  • Next tap on Troubleshoot program. Then see if the box tells The Program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now.
  • Now tap Next and then Windows7.
  • Then tap Next and Test the program.

Samsung setup printer - Windows7 drivers usage in Windows10

  • The Windows10 will have the entire latest application model and the Windows7 Applications works side-by-side with that latest applications. So Windows7 drivers usage is possible in Windows10 .