HP OfficeJet 6210 Printer is one of the multiple jobs making Printer that can make print, scan, fax and copy jobs. This Printer increases productivity and has flexible control panel with text display screen and one-touch buttons. With the help of sleek document feeder this can print your documents at greater speed, thus saves time. This Officejet Printer can make good standard black and color fax with the papers that you use from the automatic paper sensor. Also this Printer suitable for large firms and work areas. You can make easy HP oj6210 Printer setup and login to official website for installation of driver software for your HP OfficeJet 6210 Printer. This OfficeJet 6210 Printer can more than one job with good standard, high reliability and simplicity.

For different papers, the automatic paper sensor justifies the print and copy standard using photo-standard printing and good standard ink color. Then the USB port and a PictBridge –enabled camera helps in printing of your documents and images. Next the integrated HP software can do faster and easy photo and document editing. Then the HP Image zone guides the user to make, improve and confirm digital photos. Next the HP external Print server helps to share all-in-one printing and scanning with more than one computer. Also this Printer can make good standard scan of photos and documents to email or to other locations. Then the HP Instant Share helps to greater standard images an email to your friends, so that your friends can make print of those sent emails and also save those emails.

HP OfficeJet 6210 Printer Setup

  • First tear and open the cardboard box, to begin the Printer setup. Then take out the stuffed materials like cartridges, power cord, installation CD and other materials.
  • After this, keep all these items away for some time. Next take out the HP OfficeJet 6210 Printer.
  • Now clear all the blue-colored tapes and other packaging materials inside and all around the Printer.
  • For this open the scanner lid, clear the packaging materials and then close the scanner lid.
  • Next open the input tray, clear the packaging materials and move the paper width guides away from each other. Then close the input tray.
  • Then open the cartridge access area, clear all the packaging materials and then close the cartridge access door.

Printer Initialization

  • Once you clear all the packaging materials, you can switch ON your Printer. For this take out the power cord.
  • Then connect the ends of the power cord to your Printer’s back part and power supply respectively.
  • Now switch ON your HP OfficeJet 6210 Printer and make Printer preferences using the control panel.
  • For this, choose your language, region, then the date and time. Then tap Yes to finalize the settings made and a welcome screen displays.
  • Next you must insert the ink cartridges. For this pull open the cartridge access door, so that the carriage will move to the left side.
  • Now tear and take out the cartridges from the packet. Then clear the plastic tape over the ink cartridges.
  • While you clear the plastic tapes, make sure that you do not touch the ink nozzles or copper contacts as that may lead to issues like ink clog.
  • Now open the flap on the cartridge slot, insert the cartridges one-by-one based on the color into the cartridge slots given in the cartridge access area.
  • Once check that you have inserted the cartridges properly, then close the flaps on the slots. Then close the cartridge access door.

Print Alignment Page

  • Now open the input tray. Then take a bunch of aligned unused papers and load them into the input tray.
  • Then move the paper width guide such that they touch the edges of the placed papers.
  • Now push back close the input tray and tap Done from your Printer’s control panel.
  • Next pull extend out the output tray and then the output tray extender. So that your Printer will now print scanned copy of Alignment page. You can scan this Alignment page for further use.
  • For this, open the scanner lid, place this Alignment page on the scanner glass. Then close the scanner lid and tap OK from your control panel. So that your Printer will now give out the scanned copy of Alignment page.

After you make the HP oj6210 Printer setup, you can visit the official website for the download and installation of the driver software .

HP OfficeJet 6210 Driver Installation

Your Printer package will contain the installation CD for your HP Officejet 6210 Printer. After you make the HP oj6210 Printer setup , you can use that CD to install the Printer driver. Else if you wish to install the latest version driver, then you can login to official version for installation of the driver software.

  1. First the HP Easy Start Utility opens and a connection between your Printer and network establishes to activate and register it. Next the software downloads and installs the latest drivers and softwares from official website .
  2. Then tap Continue. Now read the HP’s terms and conditions. Then see the button next to Agree to Terms and conditions statement. Next tap Continue so that go to next page. Then the HP Easy Start Utility senses your Printer.
  3. If the HP Easy Start Utility not senses your Printer, then tap the name of your Printer. Next make Enable HP Auto Wireless Connect so that your Printer connects to the wireless network such as your computer.
  1. Then on the computer, apply the wireless settings to your Printer. Once again read the terms and conditions and tap the checkbox. Next tap Continue and proceed with the installation.
  2. Then tap click the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions. Now tap Continue to move forward. Then the Instant Ink Activation page displays.
  3. Then tap “Yes, Activate” so that you accept the free trail. Otherwise tap the “No Thanks”. Now type the necessary details, so that you can activate and register your Printer
  4. After this you must mention the way you’d like to use the Printer and the location of the Printer. Finally tap Continue so that the HP will check for the Printer’s latest updates and softwares automatically.

You can installation of the HP oj6210 Scanner driver after you complete the Printer setup.

HP Printing with PictBridge Technology
  1. You can print directly from a digital camera to a Printer when both the camera and Printer are PictBridge complaint.  The PictBridge is the latest industry level printing feature.
  2. To print using the PictBridge digital camera and a PictBridge Printer, you need not use the PictBridge Printers. Then to connect your Printer to the PictBridge digital camera, you can use the PictBridge port.
  3. A PictBridge Printer is necessary to utilize the DPOF feature from camera to a Printer. Then the camera enables direct printing over PictBridge.
  4. Then DPOF does not depends on PictBridge Printer as the camera conserves the Digital Print Order Format onto the SD card.
  5. If your Printer is not the PictBridge –complaint Printer but supports DPOF and has the SD card slot. Then take and insert the SD card that has the DPOF file into the Printer, after this you can print the needed images.
  1. You can use the USB cable to connect the camera to the PictBridge Printer.
  2. Next if the Printer is PictBridge supportable, then the camera could be connected through the USB cable. Else if the Printer does not supports PictBridge-compliant but enables DPOF, then DPOF can be confirmed by using a SD card.

Once you make the HP oj6210 Printer setup, you can login to official website for
the download and installation of the Printer driver.

HP OfficeJet 6210 Printer USB Setup
  1. To connect your Printer with your computer through the USB cable, make sure you have the fundamental needs like USB cable and a computer with Ethernet or USB port.
  2. Then confirm that you delete the Printer versions of earlier versions to get ready for the driver installation. Next check that you switch ON your OfficeJet Printer.
  3. Then if you have already connected the USB cable to the computer prior to the HP driver installation, then proceed with the below steps to clear the Printer from installed devices.
  • Now remove the Printer USB cable from the computer. Then must not connect back the USB cable till your Printer prompts you during the driver installation step.
  • Next navigate and search Windows for Devices. Then tap the Devices and Printers from the results.
  • Finally make a right-click on your Printer model, then tap Remove device.

When more than one Printer icons appears, then clear them all. After you make the HP oj6210 Printer setup , you can login to official website for the download and installation of the driver.