HP Smart App targets the feature of Print anywhere. This app allows your mobile device and Windows10 and mac OS computers to send the print jobs when are the place distant from your Printer.

Download HP Smart App

For that you must download and install the HP Smart from 123.hp.com. Next you must choose your Printer on the HP Smart home screen. For opening the Printer settings screen, tap Printer Settings. Then the Print Anywhere appears below Options or Services when that feature gets supported.

From Android and iOS phone

From your mobile device, use the HP account to avail this service. Next click your Printer from the home screen. Next choose Print Anywhere option. This option not present if this is not listed as an option. Next sign in to account or create an account if insisted. Then choose Enable to choose your Printer and activate Print Anywhere

Windows 10 and Mac OS

First be sure that you use the HP Smart app and HP account to activate Print Anywhere.

  • Next be sure that you connect your Printer and computer to the wireless network. Then tap Printer settings and Printer Home Page on the home screen.
  • Now tap Web Services and approve Web services enables. When the Web Services enables, then the Summary option appears in the Web Services portion. Then tap Print Info page and then proceed with these steps.
  • When the Web Services not enables, then on the Web section Setup option appears. Next tap Setup and proceed with the On-screen instructions to avail Web Services and proceed with the steps.
  • Then your Printer will then print the information page, where you can see the Printer code. Next you can come back to the HP Smart setting screen and tap Print Anywhere.

Merits of HP Smart App

They offers very easy and simple setup to make printing from your mobile device and computer. It is faster and cheaper method to connect your Printer to your device. You can connect your Printer to your device even when you are at a distant place very far away from the Printer. There is no need for usage of wires or cables.  Only point you must be sure is that you connect your Printer and computer to the same network.

Using this Smart App, you can print documents and photos from your email.

What is the procedure to pin HP Smart app menu to various desktop locations?

First to create shortcut to HP Smart App, choose open the Start menu on the Windows. Next on the lower left corner of your desktop, tap Start. Then you must find the HP Smart App from the list of apps. After this, select the shortcut
you like to create.
• To pin to taskbar, first make a right click on the HP Smart App. Then choose More and choose Pin to taskbar in the drop-down menu.
• To pin to Start, make a right-click on the HP Smart app, then to Start from drop down menu, choose Pin.
• Next to make desktop shortcut, choose the tile. Then transfer that tile to the desktop.