A very common question for Printer users – How to setup and install driver for my Printer? To know the answer for this question, you can login to HP Official website without any delay. Although the Printers setup process looks similar for all Printers, in some Printers few steps might vary due to their unique features. Then you may guidance from the Official website for HP Printer setup .


HP Printer setup - Near Field Communication ( NFC)

HP Near Field Communication (NFC) touch available in latest model HP Printers helps the user to print, scan and fax functions. This feature makes the communication between your HP Printer and your mobile phone. Before you print a document, press your NFC touch that connects your mobile phone to your Printer.( NFC)

Steps to Locate NFC Mobile Devices in Windows 8

You can follow the below steps to use NFC feature only on the computers and mobile devices that has the NFC feature.
From Your Mobile Device
  1. Initially on the back of the device, below the back cover check if there is NFC icon or notification. If you see the NFC Antennae on your device battery, then NFC is present on the device.
  2. Then if icon or notification absent, then go through your device manual to find if device has NFC feature. Using that you can locate the NFC antenna and then use that feature.

From Your Computer

  1. In most of the HP computers, you may see the NFC icon then that will have the NFC antenna.
    To check device manager for NFC device, use the below steps.
  2. First enter Device Manager in the start screen, for opening the Search charm. Then choose Device Manager on the Search results, so that the Device Manager window opens.
  3. Next make a double click on the Proximity devices category. Then see for NFC device.
  4. Now your computer will be equipped with NFC, when you view the NFC device in the Device Manager list.

Steps to Activate NFC in Windows8

In NFC devices, the default setting is always ON. If NFC is OFF, then proceed with the below steps to enable NFC.
From your Mobile device
  1. Once check that you switch ON the NFC from your device settings. Then the process to check and change settings varies with device.
  2. Next consider your device manual if required. From your computerTo enable the NFC device from Device Manager, use the below steps. First enter Device Manager in the Start screen for opening the Search charm. Then choose the Device Manager in the search results, so that you open the Device Manager window. Next make a double – click on the Proximity devices. Then that appears with down arrow, if the NFC device disables. Now make a right-click on the device name and choose Enable. Then tap OK or Yes if a confirmation window opens.

HP Sprocket Printer Setup

  1. First navigate to HP Sprocket homepage. Then proceed with the On-screen instructions for download and installation of the app.
  2. Once the app installs, then switch ON your Printer. Then from your mobile device, open the Bluetooth settings menu.
  3. Next be sure that you enable the Bluetooth. Then open the HP Sprocket app.

HP Printer setup - Sprocket Printer

  1. On your mobile phone, after you select the images from social media website or camera, you can those print images.
  2. Next the rechargeable battery in this Printer recharges in 1hour and can print nearly 30 images per time.

Steps to Remove or Clear HP Printer Queue

  1. You can see the list of print jobs on the window. Then choose the print job you wish to cancel or delete.
    Next make a right click so that you open the drop down and choose CANCEL DOCUMENT. Now if you wish to cancel the print queue, then navigate PRINTER tab.
  2. Then make a right click and choose CANCEL ALL DOCUMENTS.

HP Printer setup - Laserjet Pro Printer

HP LaserJet Pro Printers serves as the wireless Printer that can make printing of documents and images at cheaper cost. This Printer appropriate for home and offices as this makes faster and professional printing of documents. Then this Printer can make mobile printing of documents and images with the help of the ePrint and AirPrint feature. This HP LaserJet Pro Printer conserves energy using the Auto On/Auto Off technology. The sleek design of this Printer makes it suitable to be placed anywhere on your room. You can send the files directly from the wireless enabled Smartphones to the HP Printer using the HP ePrint Wireless Direct. Then the clear cut control panel of this Printer helps the user to work comfortably.

HP AMP Printer

HPAMP Printer serves as wireless Bluetooth Speaker Printer that makes printing of documents and images. This Printer uses Smart technology that makes colored and black and white printouts in same price. Then this HP Printer can easily fit your room and not needs any extra space. Next you can scan the documents and photos and share them to your AMP Printer from your phone. This HP AMP Printer offers good standard speaker system with higher sound quality and good clarity, thus helps the user to enjoy the music.

At the time, you pair the control panel of Printer and mic to your phone, this Printer receives well-defined phone calls.This Printer can make easy charging of your phone and designed to use only original cartridges. The HP AMP Printer designed to use only genuine cartridges. Then Printer adds USB port that makes easy charging of your phone. This Printer has dynamic safety and connection speeds might vary.

HP Printer setup - AirPrint Service

You can print your documents from your computer and mobile devices like ipads and iphones using the AirPrint service. This HP AirPrint service in some of the mobile devices like Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  1. First you need to make connection between your Printer and Apple device for using the AirPrint service.
  2. Next you switch ON Wi-Fi from your Apple device. Then if you connect to different network, then click that network name to add it.
  3. When you not know the network login details, then navigate to Finding Your Wireless Password. After this you must check the Printer network connection status.

For Touchscreen Printer

  • Initially open the Setup, Network or Wireless menu from your Printer. Then choose Wireless Setup Wizard and proceed with the instructions for connection between your Printer and network.

For Touchscreen Control Panel Printer

  • First to see the network connection status, choose the Wireless icon or open the Setup menu or Network Settings.

For Button Model Printer

  • First tap and hold the Wireless and Cancel buttons simultaneously till the power light blinks.
  • Next for Tango Printers, tap and hold the Wireless button on the Printer’s back part till Edge light blinks blue.

For Button Model Printers

  • First tap the Wireless and Information buttons simultaneously or tap the Wireless and Start Copy Black buttons simultaneously. So that your Printer prints the Wireless Test report using the network connection status.
  • Next go to the step to print your device, if the Printer connects to the network Else proceed with the next step, if the Printer not connects to the network. Next you must connect your Printer to the network.
  1. Now from the router, tap and hold the WPS button on the before 2 hours till the connection process starts.
  2. Then after the connection finishes, the wireless light on the Printer blinking ends.
  3. After this, you can make the printing of documents, photos and webpages with the help of AirPrint.
  4. Then confirm that you switch ON the Printer, install the cartridges and load unused papers in the paper tray.
  5. Next open the item you wish to print. Then choose Share icon or press Print to open the Printer options.
  6. After this to choose your Printer, choose Select the printer. Then press Select Printer to choose your HP Printer.
  7. Then you can make changes in Print job settings as per your wish. With the help of settings, you can change the print job type, paper, number of copies and page range.

Steps to Add a HP Printer to My iPhone

  1. First choose the Print choice on menu screen. This opens the “Printer options” menu and then click the Printer option.
  2. Next choose the Printer option, continued by the Printer’s name which you like to join to the iPhone. Now your Printer will get added to the device.

Wireless Connection

You can make wireless connection between your computer and Printer using any of the below methods.

1) Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

You can connect your Printer and mobile device to a wireless connection by WPS method in any of the two ways. The Pushbutton method and PIN method are those two methods.
Push Button Method
  1. First make sure that your Printer and wireless router supports WPS Pushbutton method.
  2. Next make sure that WPS Pushbutton available in your wireless router. Then WPA or WPA2 security must be used in your network.
  3. Now you can use the WPS, to connect your wireless Printer with your wireless router.
  4. Now from your Printer, begin the WPS pushbutton mode. To begin WPS on your Printer, you can use the Printer’s manual. Then tap the WPS button on your router before 2 minutes.
PIN Method
  1. You can use the below steps to connect your Printer to your network.
  2. First touch choose Wireless and then tap Settings from your Printer’s control panel.
  3. Next tap Wi-Fi Protected Setup and then proceed with the On-screen instructions.
  4. Now if your HP Printer prompts, touch PIN. Then the WPS PIN displays.
  5. After this, for the wireless access point, open the configuration utility or software. Then type the WPS PIN.
  6. To know the more details on configuration utility, you can view the documentation given with the router.
  7. Next wait for some time, so that your Printer makes connection successfully. Once the
  8. Printer connection is successful, the wireless light stops to flash.
  9. When the setup finishes, open the Printer’s HP folder in Programs or All Programs to install the network Printer drivers .
  10. Next tap Printer setup and software. Then choose Connect a new Printer.

2) HP Auto Wireless Connect

  1. HP Auto Wireless Connect permits the user to make connection between your Printer and wireless network without the use of cables.
  2. Also you no need to type your wireless network settings like your network name or password.
  3. Next make sure that you install the Printer software and proceed with the Onscreen instructions to use this option.
  4. Now if your Printer prompts, choose the connection type as “Network(Ethernet/Wireless)”. Then select “Yes , send my wireless settings to the Printer”.
  5. To avail HP Auto Wireless Connect, make sure you satisfy the below conditions:
    Your computer has Windows Vistas and Mac OS X 10.5. Then make sure you setup the connection between your computer with your network and operating system.
  6. Next your computer connects to your network to 2.4GHz . Then note that your Printer not suits 5GHz.
  7. Also your computer not uses static IP address. Then your Printer has HP Auto Wireless Connect mode.
HP Printer setup - Deskjet Printer

HP Deskjet Printers serves as the All-in-One Printer that makes Borderless Printing at affordable price. This Printer makes the print, scan and copy jobs with the  greater speed and top quality. This Deskjet Printer can be connected to your mobile device either by wired or wireless connection. It can save much of your space in your home. This Deskjet Printer supports the mobile Printing without the use of network connection.

The SD card opening accessible in some of the Deskjet Printers allows you to print the documents from your SD card.  The usage of Inkjet in the Deskjet Printers produces better printouts than the Laser Printers. Unlike other Printers the Quiet Mode feature in this Deskjet Printer reduces the noise disturbances during the Printing and scanning jobs. The wireless Printing job enabled by this Deskjet Printer with the help of Wi-Fi direct. The HP instant ink service available in Deskjet Printer helps in conservation of ink and lasts longer.

HP Printer setup - Envy Printer

HP Envy Printer is multi-tasking Printer most appropriate for mobile Printing.  This Printer makes Print, scan and copy functions at greater speed. It uses genuine ink cartridges and prints more number of pages. You can make printing of your photos and documents from your mobile phone with the help of this Printer. This Envy Printer can saves upto 50% of the ink and paper thus saves the resources.

Moreover some of the Envy Printer suitable for hospitals and study rooms since they can operate in quiet mode operation and produces minimal noise. Also this Printer performs automatic double-sided printing of documents and has shiny design. Then the self-engaged design protects the output tray of this Printer from falling of papers.

Officejet Printer

HP OfficeJet Printer serves as the All-in-one-inkjet Printer with the impressive features like Automatic Duplexer, automatic document feeder and air Print setup.  This Printer performs copy, scan and Fax using the automatic document feeder. You can use either USB cable or wireless network to connect your Officejet Printer  with your computer.

Officejet Printer available with colored Touch screen enables the use of all the Workables of the Printer and the controllability over the Printer’s job. This Printer serves as user friendly as that supports the latest web Printing Technology.  The automatic Duplexer allows automatic two sided Printing within less time.

Officejet Pro Printer

HP Officejet Pro Printer is a multi-functional type of Printer more suitable for business and small firms.  This Printer was developed with the intelligent features that serves the user in the mobile Printing. This Printer uses the Inkjet color and makes faster printing. Also this Printer produces the professional colored printouts than the laser Printers.

This HP Officejet Pro Printer makes the wireless printing from your device without router or local network. The HP All-in-One Printer remote mobile App assists better printing and scanning for the mobile devices. HP ePrint gives the user choice of print anywhere. The automatic document feeder performs the two sided printing of photos and documents like other Officejet Pro Printers. Then this two sided printing saves up to 50% in paper.