HP printer setup (Envy 5530 Printer)

The steps to setup the HP Printer setup is quite easy and simple. To start tear open the Printer packed cardboard box.

  • Once you open the box, take out the power cord, setup poster, reference guide, cartridges and HP Warranty card from that box. Then place all these items away for some time. Now clear the flap from that box. Then carefully pull and take out the HP Printer.
  • Now remove the thermo cols on the sides of the Printer. Then clear the transparent covers over your Printer, on the control panel and the scanner.
  • Once you remove blue-tapes all around the Printer. Next pull open the top access door, then remove the blue- colored tapes and orange colored tapes plastic from that area.

Cartridges Installation and Switch ON Printer

  • First take out the cartridges packet, tear and take them out from the cover. Then clear the orange tape to remove the transparent tape over the cartridges.
  • When you pull the tape, be sure that you do not touch the copper nozzles on the cartridges. Then insert those cartridges into the respective slots based on the color.
  • Once you insert them, close the cartridge access door. Then connect the ends of the power cord to the Printer’s back part and power supply respectively.
  • Then switch ON your HP Printer so that your Printer will now prompt you to load papers. For this, take a bunch of fresh papers and align them on a flat surface.
  • Next on the control panel, tap OK so that your Printer will now print the Alignment page. Now, choose the Print and scan folder from your computer.
  • Then add your HP Printer in the list of available Printers. Finally tap the open the scan option that displays on the screen, so that your system will startup the scan option.