Hp OfficeJetPro8710 manual most versatile Printer that can make print, scan, fax and copy functions. Then this Printer prints professional standard printouts at cheaper rate lesser than Laser printouts. This dynamic security Printer can hold large amount of jobs and can conserve up to 50% of ink. You can login to hpOfficeJetPro 8710 manual to make setup and install the driver software for your HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Printer .

HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Printer can perform quicker printing and manages all Printer tasks using the touchscreen control panel.With the help of HP Instant Ink and high yield cartridges can print twice as more pages. Then you can printing of documents and photos from your smartphones using the mobile printing. This Printer provides security to user details and safest print access with the help of HP JetAdvantage Private Print. Also this Printer produces black and white printouts at lower cost and the automatic document feeder accepts papers in a systematic way.

Hp OfficeJetPro8710 manual- Printer Unpacking

After you unpack your HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Printer, the setup procedure involves only simple steps and consumes only less time.

  • Initially tear open the plastic tape to open the cardboard flaps , so that you open the cardboard Printer package box.
  • Once you open the cardboard box, take out the items like CD for both Mac and Windows, setup flyer, HP Ink Cartridge caution flyer, HP Instant card, user guide, power cord , two – wired phone cable and two cartridges.
  • Next keep away all these items for some time. Then take out the styro foam thermo cols on the sides of the Printer.
  • Now pull the cover to take out the HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Printer . Then take out the plastic cover over the Printer.
  • Next clear all the blue colored tapes over and around the Printer. Then open the scanner lid and remove all the tapes.
  • After this, clear all the tapes from the input tray after you open the input tray. Then clear the cardboard pieces from that input tray.
  • Once you remove all the tapes from the Printer, then close the scanner lid and input tray. Then take out the power cord that you kept away.
  • Next connect the ends of the power cord to the Printer’s back part and power supply respectively.

Hp OfficeJetPro8710 manual - Printer Initialization

  • Then tap the power button to switch ON the Printer. Now your HP Printer will begin to initialize with some noise. Next choose your language and tap OK. Then choose your region and tap OK.
  • Now set the preferred date, tap Continue and tap Continue Setup. Then choose the Printer Setup Environment either as Self-managed or IT managed.
  • Now choose Self-managed and tap Continue. Then your Printer will ask you to install the cartridges. Then to install the cartridges open the cartridge access door. Now tear and take out the cartridges from the packed cover.
  • Next insert the cartridges one-by-one based on the color. Then check if the cartridges are tightly fit and then close the cartridge access door.

You can see the Hp OfficeJetPro 8710 manual or to make hp OfficeJetPro 8710 Configuration setup and install the driver software for your HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Printer.

Printer Driver Installation

For any Printer, driver installation is must as driver can only communicate between your Printer and computer. At the time of your Printer unpacking, you might have got the Installation CD for both Mac and Windows. Then you can install the driver software for your HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Printer. In few cases there are chances that, CD might got expired or you may wish to install the latest version of driver software. Then you can login to HP Official website to download and install the latest version of the driver software for HP OfficeJet Pro Printer. You can avail the steps to make Printer setup using the Hp OfficeJetPro8710 manual that completes the hpOfficeJetPro8710 configuration.

Hp OfficeJetPro8710 manual - AirPrint Service

From computers and mobile devices, you can print your documents and images using the HP AirPrint service.

  1. To avail the AirPrint service, first setup the network connection. Then make wireless connection between your Printer and mobile device.
  2. From your Apple Device, be sure you enable the Wi-Fi. If you connect to different network, then press your network name to add that.
  3. Then if you does not know network login information, then navigate to Finding Your Wireless Password. Next make the Printer’s network connection status.

For Touch Screen Model Printers

  1. First tap the Wireless icon. Then open the Networks Settings or Setup menu to see the network connection status.

For Button Based Printers

  1. First tap the Wireless and Information buttons simultaneously. Else tap the Wireless and Start Copy Black buttons simultaneously.
  2. Then your Printer prints the Wireless test Report with the connection status.
  1. Next based on connection status, perform the below step.
  • If the Printer connects to the network, go to step to print from your device.
  • Else if the Printer not connects to the network, then proceed with next step.
  1. Now connect the Printer to the network.

For Touchscreen Printers

  1. First open the Setup, Network or Wireless menu from the Printer. Then choose Wireless Setup Wizard and proceed with the instructions to make connection between your Printer and network

For Button Based Printers

  1. First tap the Wireless and Cancel button simultaneously and hold that till the power light blinks. Then for Tango Printers, tap and hold the Wireless button on the back end of the Printer for few seconds till the blue light blinks.
  2. Next on the router, tap and hold WPS button within 120 minutes, till the connection starts. After this, once the connection completes, the wireless light on the Printer stops.
  3. Once this connection establishes, then you can print your document and photos from your device using the AirPrint.
  4. Next check if the Printer is ON, you installed ink cartridges and loaded unused papers in the paper tray.
  5. Then open the document or image you wish to print and then click the Share icon.
  6. Next to open the Printer options, choose click Print. Then to choose your Printer, click Select Printer.
  7. After this step, you can change the print settings like number of copies, printing type and page range as per your wish.
  8. Then you can print of your documents and photos.

You can avail the steps to make Printer setup using the hpOfficeJetPro8710
manual that completes the hpOfficeJetPro8710 configuration.

Hp OfficeJetPro8710 manual - Printer USB Printer Setup

For this make HP Printer setup for USB cable connection. Then install the HP driver software to avail the features.

  1. Next make sure that have the USB cable of suitable length and USB port on the computer. Then avail the needs for USB connection setup and driver installation. Once check that you switch ON the Printer .
  2. Next remove the Printer USB cable from the computer. Then make sure that you do not connect the USB cable again till your Printer prompts to do so.
  3. After this, you must install the driver and set up the connection. For this, go to HP official link and choose or type your Printer model.
  4. Next tap Begin. Then based on your Printer and operating system, the driver installation app HP Easy Start gets downloaded or you will be redirected to HP Software.
  5. Once the Install screen shown, then be sure you choose HP Scan or HP Easy Scan if your Printer has full scan functionality.
  6. Once the HP East Start downloads, proceed with the on-screen instructions for Printer setup and installation. Then you not have to finish other steps once the setup is successful.
  7. Next if the Easy Start fails or your Printer not there in official website, then proceed with these steps for driver installation.
Hp OfficeJetPro8710 manual - Driver Installation

For this make HP Printer setup for USB cable connection. Then install the HP driver software to avail the features.

  1. Next navigate to HP Software and Driver Downloads, type your Printer model if your Printer prompts. Then approve if the operating system is correct.
  2. Now below the Driver-Product Installation software, tap Download or full feature driver based on the option shown.
  3. Then from the Downloads folder, open the HP Easy Start file or HP .dmg file to start the installation.
  4. Once your Printer prompts, then choose Printer connection type and choose USB.
  1. Then choose HP Scan or HP Easy Scan from the Install screen. Next if your Printer prompts to join the Printer in printer queue, then tap the Printer’s name.
  2. Then tap Use or Print Using menu and choose the Printer’s name on the pop-up menu.
  3. Now tap Add and return to the HP installer to finish the installation.
  4. Then you can make print or scan functions based on your Printer functionality.