HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 is one of the ePrinter that can make the professional printing of documents and images with the cost lesser than Laser Printers. This Printer performs two-sided printing of documents and borderless printing, thus conserves up to 50% on paper. Then the HP ePrint feature provides the choice to print your documents and image from any distant location. You can login to the official website for download and installation of the HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Printer. On completion of the HP OfficeJetPro6230 Printer setup you can print the HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Configuration Page.

This Printer prints the long-lasting printouts using the genuine HP pigment inks. Then the genuine HP high-yield ink cartridges helps in regular print of documents. Also this Printer can make mobile printing. Next this Printer could easily connect to your Internet via the wired or wireless connection. Then this Printer can manage heavy print jobs with help of the paper tray. Also this Printer can print your documents from your Smartphones and mobile phones via wireless connection. With the help of the HP All-in-One Printer Remote mobile app good standard mobile scan of your images can be done. This OfficeJet Pro Printer switches OFF automatically at the time not required.

HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Printer Unpacking

First tear open the Printer packed cardboard box to begin the HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Printer unpacking.

  • Next move the flaps aside so that they do not disturb the step to take out the Printer.
  • Now take out the other items like installation CD, setup manual, troubleshooting guides, power cord and ink cartridges. Then place them away for some time.
  • Next tilt the box and keep that on a hard surface. Then pull and take out your HP OfficeJet 6230 Printer from the box.
  • Now clear the transparent plastic cover and Styrofoams at the sides of the Printer.
  • Next peel away all the packaging materials and blue-colored tapes from the cartridge access area, input tray, scanning area and the output tray. Then clear the transparent tapes from reflective surfaces of the Printer.
  • Once you clear all the packaging materials all around the Printer, you can initialize your Printer.
  • For this, take out the power cord. Then connect the ends of the power cord to the Printer’s back part and the power supply respectively.
  • After this tap power button to switch ON your Printer. Once the Printer stops to make noise, you can make settings.
  • So set your date and time. Then tap Confirm so that Printer will prompt you to choose the location.
  • Then choose the location and tap Confirm again which finishes the initial setup for your HP OfficeJetPro6230 Printer setup .
  • After this, you must install the cartridges. Then use the cutouts on the left side of the Printer to open the cartridge access area.
  • Next take out the cartridges and then twist the orange cap over the cartridges to remove that cap. Then clear the transparent tape that covers the copper contacts and make sure that you do not touch that contact when you clear that tape.
  • Next install the cartridges into the respective slots of the cartridge access area as per the color. Then slightly tap the cartridges so that those cartridges fit into the slots correctly.
  • After this, push and close the cartridge access door, so that you must load the papers in next step. Now pull open the paper tray and move the paper width guides away from each other. Then take a bunch of aligned papers.
  • Now insert these aligned papers into the paper tray. Then move the paper width guides such that they touch the edges of the placed papers. After this, close the paper tray. Here check that you load the papers only below the dotted line of the Printer. Once you load the papers, your Printer will now automatically print the test report.

On completion of the HP OfficeJetPro6230 Printer setup you can make the driver installation from the official website.

HP OfficeJet 6230 Printer Driver Installation

The communication between your Printer and the computer can takes place only after you install the driver. The driver only can act as the mediator between your Printer and computer. Then you can go to the official website for download and installation of the driver software for your HP OfficeJetPro6230 Printer setup .

  • First confirm that you switch ON your Printer and your computer. Then click open a browser as your wish and go to the official site.
  • Now find your Printer by typing the model name and model number. Then make sure if that software page detects your OS and version correctly.
  • Next tap the basic software or full feature software drivers. 
  • When you download the full-feature software drivers, you can get the full functionality of your Printer. After you download the software, then tap on to run that software. Next if you find the HP Auto-Connect option, then enable that so that the installer finishes the installation process all by itself.
  • Now check the needed box to read and agree to HP’s terms and conditions. This makes the completion of the download and installation of the driver software.

On completion of the HP OfficeJetPro6230 Printer setup and print OfficeJet Pro 6230 Configuration Page , then you can install the driver software.

Printer Services

HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 USB connection

Before you make the USB cable connection, make sure that you login to the official website and install the HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 driver.

  • First make sure that you use the Hi-speed 2.0 USB cable, before your Printer insists you to remove the cable.
  • Next check that you connect your computer and your Printer to the same wireless network.
  • Then open the Printer software as per your computer OS.
  • After this, make a right click on the screen’s empty area, if you use the Windows computer.
  • Then tap the All apps on the app bar and tap the Printer’s icon.
  • Here make sure that you do not connect the USB hub. Next remove the USB cable from the Printer and then search for Devices in the Windows.
  • Then tap the Devices and Printer from the results and then by making a right click on that, tap the Remove device option.
  • Once you disconnect, then download the software from the official website to make the USB connection setup.
  • Next switch ON the HP OfficeJet 6230 Printer and get the USB cable.

Wi-Fi Direct Connection in HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Printer

You can your HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Printer directly to the Wi-Fi Direct compatible devices like smartphones, computers and devices. Then, proceed with the below steps to make the HP Wi-Fi Direct connection to your Printer.

  • First make sure that you have installed the HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 driver from the official website.
  • Next connect the Wi-Fi Direct and install the software if that was installed earlier.
  • Now check that you have switched ON your Wi-Fi Direct and you can use more than one mobile devices at a time.
  • After this, switch ON the mobile device Wi-Fi direct. Now you can see the list of the available Printers.
  • Then choose the Wi-Fi Direct name like the Wi-Fi Direct name which will be seen as the DIRECT-**-HP office-et Pro6230 to make the mobile device connection.
  • After this, your Printer will connect to the computer using the Wi-Fi Direct connection.

Mobile Print Service

ePrint Mobile App in HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Printer

  • HP ePrint app is the mobile app that permits you to print using the Printer which is connected to the same wireless network.
  • This HP ePrint app is not compatible for the Apple iOS devices. With this you can print the documents or photos with the help of the ePrint app.
  • For availing this app, make sure that you have the either the Android version OS version 4.0 or Amazon fire OS with 4x- 4.1 and 5.1or 5X. Next connect the wireless network with the help of the Wi-Fi settings on your mobile phone.
  • Then see that you switch ON the wireless signal and you connect your Printer as that of your mobile device. Next from the Google store on your mobile device, download and install the HP ePrint app. Then select the data usage preferences .
  • Next the HP ePrint app home screen appears, then proceed with the On-screen prompts and click Grant permission. Then tap Add Cloud Account or Add Email Account to view the files and cloud accounts.

Steps to Make the ePrint Setup

  • Initially check for the needs for ePrint setup. Next disable and remove the USB from your HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Printer. Then login to www.hpconnected.com and sign up to the HP connected account to see your ePrint job status and control the ePrint queue.
  • Next see if your Printer connects to the active network service. Then switch ON the Web Services. Next tap the ePrint icon on the Home screen and agree to the terms of use. Then proceed with the onscreen instructions to switch ON the web services.
  • Next identify your Printer email address by tapping the ePrint icon on the Home screen. Then tap the Web Services settings menu and tap the Display email address. After this, email the document you choose to your Printer and then create a new email. Then attach that document to print and the email must be sent to the Printer’s email address.
  • Now Printer will print that document. Once check the needs to print using the HP ePrint . Here note that the Printer’s address in the To field and surely there must be a subject line.
  • Otherwise your Printer will show you the HP ePrint error which will cancel the print job. Next the other email address must only be in the Cc.

HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Printer Mopria Print Service

The Mopria Print Service serves as the mobile app that helps to print the web pages, documents and emails in your HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Printer with the help of your mobile device.

  • Initially setup your Printer and make sure that you have the Android device of OS 4 or its later versions.
  • Next connect your Printer to the wireless network or the wired network using an internet connection.
  • Then make sure that you connect your Printer and the Android device to the same wireless network.
  • Here make sure that you keep all the devices closer to each other, that is within the range of the Printer.
  • Next install the Mopria Print service plugin in your mobile device the using the Google Playstore.
  • Then choose any method to switch ON the service. Next scroll down to the home screen to see the dash board, if you install for the first time.
  • There you can see the Mopria Print service installed , then tap the enable the notification of the service plugin.
  • Here if you wish to update the service plugin, then tap the Settings.
  • In that tap the More Settings, More or NFC and sharing.
  • Then click the Print or Printing .
  • Finally click the Mopria print service and tap that option.

Wireless Setup Wizard for HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Printer

  1. You can connect your Printer to the network with the help of Wireless Setup Wizard. Then you can download and install the software drivers from the official website.
  2. First collect the Network name and password of the router. Then if you had connected any USB cable to your Printer earlier, then remove that cable. Next switch ON your Printer and router if they were not ON earlier.
  3. Then choose the Wireless Setup icon from the Wireless menu. Now choose the Wireless Setup Wizard from the Wireless Setup icon. Then the Printer will now start searching for networks under the limits.
  4. Next choose the network’s name that you wish to connect and then type the password. If your Printer not connects to the network, then make sure that you place the router within the Printer limit.
  5. Now if you connect the Printer using the wired connection, then change the connection to Wireless with reference to the official website.

On completion of the HP OfficeJetPro 6230 Printer setup and print OfficeJet Pro 6230 Configuration Page, then you can install the driver software.

HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Auto Wireless Setup

  1. To avail this setup, you do not need anything like the network ID or the password. Next switch ON your Wi-Fi .
  2. Then make sure that your HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Printer is compatible with the Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10,Windows Vistas and Mac computer. Next connect your HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Printer to your computer using the 2.4GHz wireless router and the IP address.
  3. Now make sure that you made the driver software installation. Here check that this driver software is compatible with your computer OS. Next choose either the wireless or wired network connection type.
  4. Then choose Yes and then the wireless setting to begin the installation. Next navigate to the Auto wireless setup, so that this setup will complete automatically.

HP All-in-One Remote App

You can handle your HP Printer with the help of the iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android mobile device using the HP All-in-One Remote app.

  1. Then this app permits the user to print, scan and copy functions in an efficient way.
  2. Then this HP All-in-One Remote app helps to check the Printer status and monitor the ink or toner levels.
  3. This app gives smart mobile scan with which you can make copies with your Printer.
  4. Also this app can sense corners, crops and straightens the images.
  1. Once you download this All-in-One app in your smart phone or tablet, you can connect your device to your Printer through the Wi-Fi network or wireless direct connection.
  2. This All-in-one Remote app gives smart troubleshooting tools that helps you to make connection between your devices.
  3. Next this remote app helps you to send your documents and images direct to your phone from your HP All-in-One Printer to make easy sharing.
  1. This HP All-in-one app can be free from the Google Play Store or App Store in your device.

Once you complete the HP OfficeJetPro6230 Printer setup and print OfficeJet Pro 6230 Configuration Page, then you can install the driver software for your HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Printer.

Print with HP Printer through Wi-Fi Direct(From Apple iPhones and iPads)

Most of the HP wireless Printers is available with Wi-Fi Direct. You can print the documents from your Apple iPhone or iPad using the Wi-Fi Direct

Print from your Computer and Device

You can send the email to your Printer’s email address, then print from your computer.

  1. First open the item you wish to print if it is web-based content like web page, cloud-stored document or an email.
  2. Next proceed with below steps to make this Wi-Fi Direct connection. The Wi-Fi Direct removes your device from the internet for some time.
  3. Next switch ON the Printer, and then check that you install the cartridges and load papers into the tray. Now avail the Wi-Fi Direct Printer name and password.
  1. First open the Wi-Fi Direct or print the network configuration report to avail the Printer name and password.
  2. Next choose the Wi-Fi Direct option or open the Wi-Fi Direct settings to avail the name and password. The name and password is below the Wi-Fi Direct portion.
  3. Now navigate to Reports menu, then choose the Network Summary or Network config. to print the network summary page.
  1. First print the report that shows the lists of Wi-Fi Direct Printer name and password.
  2. Then you can use any of these steps below that suits your Printer.
  • First tap the Information button in order to print the report.
  • Else tap the Wi-Fi Direct button and hold that for 3 seconds, so that the Printer prints the Report.
  • Otherwise tap the wireless and Information buttons simultaneously in order to print the report.
  • Else tap the Resume or Resume/Cancel button for 2-3 seconds so that the Printer prints the information page.
  1. Now open Settings from your Apple device. Then tap Wi-Fi, choose your Wi-Fi Direct Printer name from the networks lists that appears.
  2. Next type the password and then open the document you wish to print. Then on the app, choose tap Print.
  3. Now choose your Printer and click Print. Then connect back again to your local Wi-Fi network once the print job finishes.

HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Scan to Computer

You can send the standard fax with the help of Printer control panel.

  1. For that, load your document into the document feeder or on the scanner glass Next tap the Fax option from the Printer’s control panel Then choose the Send Now option.
  2. After this type the fax number and you may use the phone book if you wish to avail the number from the phone book. Next choose the Black or Clear.

Steps to Scan Fax from the Computer with Windows OS

You can send a fax document directly from your computer without printing that

  1. Now open the document from your computer. Next tap the Print from the file menu and navigate to the name list.
  2. From that list, choose the Printer name with the fax its name. Here you can modify the settings like Fax color by getting into the Properties dialog box. Next tap OK after you make the changes and then tap OK.
  3. After this, type the recipient details like fax number. Here you can also change the settings if you wish and then tap Send Fax.

Steps to Send Fax from the OS X Computer

  1. First open the document you wish to fax. Next navigate to the file menu and tap Print option.
  2. Then choose your Printer name that has the fax in its name. After this type the recipient details like the fax number and tap Fax.

HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Scan to Computer with the Built-in Scanners

  1. With the help of the HP printer software, you can scan in a format that is useful to search, copy, paste and edit your files. Then proceed with the below steps to use the HP scanning software and scan with your computer
  2. Initially check that your computer enables scanning. If you use the Windows computer, then open the HP Printer software and tap the scanning portion. Next select the Scan to Computer with the Printer and computer.
  3. Then install the HP Scan Utility from your OS X and open that HP scan Utility. From that Scan settings, tap the Computer scan and ensure that you chosen the Computer scan.

Steps to Scan via the Control Panel

  1. First load the document you wish to print. Next if use the scanner glass or ADF, insert the papers in the left side such that the print side down. After this, tap the Scan to begin the scan process.
  2. Then tap the Computer and navigate to tap the continue the operation. After you tap the continue option and be sure that you have chosen the computer. Next to scan the document or an image, tap the Print, Scan and fax option if you use the HP Printer software in a Windows computer.
  3. Then select the scan type you wish to scan and then tap the Start Scan option. Here you can modify the scanned image changes on the preview screen, by seeing through the Show Scan preview.
  4. Next choose the Save to print the another scan and then tap the Scan option to choose the scan shortcut. Once you save the scan, the Windows Explorer opens in the directory.
  5. Next open the HP Scan if you wish to use another OS X. This HP scan will be seen in the disk’s top of the HP folder.
  6. Then proceed with the Onscreen instructions after you choose the scan type. With this you can stop, if you scanned with the help of the HP Print app and do not go to the next step.

To Scan using a Scanning App

  1. Next insert your document or the image into the document feeder or place that on the scanner glass if you use the scanning app. Then tap Search and tap the scanning application and tap the scanning application in the search results.
  2. Here you must install the Windows Scan in the Windows store if the scan app did not display in the list. Next choose the place to load your documents or images if you view the available source choice.
  3. Here if you wish to change the settings such as resolution, color mode , then tap the Show more. Then choose the file location you wish and then Scan. Next tap Continue to scan using the Windows-supported Scan app.