HP DeskJet 2522 Printer with simple setup can make the favorable operation. This Printer can do the print, scan and copy functions at an affordable price. You can visit the official website for the download and installation of the HP DeskJet 2522 driver for your DeskJet 2522 Printer.

  • This Printer serves as the steadiest and less space consumable Printer.
  • Also this Printer allows the mobile printing of your documents and photos from your smart mobile phone.
  • Then the ePrint feature is used for mobile connectivity in this Printer.
  • Next like other Printers, this Printer enables the AirPrint and cloud Print to make the printing.
  • Also this Printer enables the Wi-Fi Direct and Wireless Direct feature that helps the user to print wirelessly.
  • Then this Printer enables the cloud Print setup to print your documents over the Wi-Fi and share them anywhere.

HP DeskJet 2522 Driver for Windows

  • First, open a browser from your computer after you make the Printer setup.
  • Next go to the official website and choose your HP DeskJet 2522 Printer.
  • Once you select your Printer model, the web page will show the list containing the software packages for your Printer.
  • Next download the suitable software package that enables all features of your HP DeskJet Printer.
  • Once the software file gets downloaded, then extract the software files in your Windows computer.
  • Next proceed with the On-screen procedure and choose the connection type if that insists you to make the Printer-network connection.
  • Then pick the USB cable connection option and connect that if prompted.
  • Finally see if your Printer name is there on the Devices and Printers list of your Windows computer.

HP DeskJet 2522 Driver for Mac

  • Initially open a browser of your choice from your Mac computer after the Printer startup.
  • Next visit the official website and prefer the HP DeskJet 2522 Printer.
  • Then the webpage will show you the list that contains the driver software for your Printer.
  • Next select the apt software package that suits your Printer model and download that software.
  • After the browser finishes the download, then make the installation of the driver software on your Mac computer.
  • Then proceed with the On-screen instructions and pick out the connection type as USB cable connection if prompted.
  • Now connect your DeskJet 2522 Printer to your computer through the USB cable if that prompts to connect the USB cable.
  • Next, open the Devices and lists on your MAC computer.
  • Then see if your Printer is there on the list. You can refer the HP DeskJet 2522 Manual to get the steps to print and scan your

HP DeskJet 2522 Printer Setup

  • Initially tear and open the Printer packaged cardboard box using your hands.
  • Then unpack the Printer items, except your Printer and keep them away.
  • These Printer items includes the adaptor set, power cord, USB cable, cartridges, installation CD, user manual and reference guide.
  • Next, take out your HP DeskJet 2522 Printer. Once you take out your Printer, then remove the plastic cover and other packaging materials from your Printer. Then open the cartridge access area, input tray and output tray to clear those packaging materials.
  • After you clear those packaging materials like stickers, cardboard, plastics and tapes, make sure you close all these Printer portions.

Printer Startup

  1. Now take out the power cord to make the Printer initialization.
  2. Then adhere the ends of the power cord to the Printer’s back end and the power supply respectively.
  3. Now hit the power button and switch ON your DeskJet 2522 Printer.
  4. After this, you must install the cartridges to your Printer.
  5. For that, take out the cartridges from the packet that you kept aside previously.
  6. Next clear off the tapes from the cartridges, without touching the ink nozzles to prevent the serious issues.
  7. For this, open the cartridge access door and so that the carriage will move towards the middle.
  8. Then insert the cartridges into the respective slots of the cartridge access area as per the color.
  9. After you install the cartridges, you need to load the papers into the input tray.
  10. Hence, align a bunch of fresh papers on a rough surface and then open the input tray.
  11. Then adjust the paper width guides each towards their corner, such that they stay away from each other.
  12. Now load the aligned papers into the input tray.
  13. Again move back the paper width guides, so that they touch the edges of the placed papers.
  14. Finally close the input tray and pull out the output tray.

After you finish the Printer setup, you can visit the official website for the download and installation of HP DeskJet 2522 driver for your DeskJet 2522 Printer.

Steps for HP Auto Wireless Connect

  1. First make sure that your device uses the Windows Vistas or its recent version.
  2. Then for iOS device, only the Mac OS X 10.5 version enables Auto Wireless Connection.
  3. Next the computer must have the static IP address.
  4. After this, adhere the computer to the wireless network to recover the computer’s network settings.
  5. Then make sure that the wireless adaptor must control the OS.
  6. After this, install the your HP DeskJet 2522 Driver from the official website.
  7. At the time of extraction and installation of the driver software, then the computer insists to choose the network connection type.
    Wireless settings
  1. Next select the Send my wireless settings to the Printer option using the Printer’s control panel.
  2. Then the Printer settings will be automatically sent to the Printer.
  3. Now the Printer will be in this mode for two hours after you switch ON at the time of installation.
  4. Here if the Printer did not connect to the network before two hours, then this mode could be reset.
  5. Next use the “Restore Network Defaults” from the Printer’s control panel to reset the mode.
  6. At last, the Auto Wireless Connection setup process gets downloaded at the installation process.
  7. Then this might need some offline process, hence save the jobs and download prior to the process.

HP DeskJet 2522 Printer ePrint Setup

HP ePrint service feature allows printing of documents from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices from anywhere at any time.

Avail email address in Touchscreen or Text-based Printers

  1. First switch ON your HP DeskJet 2522 Printer, then load papers into the paper tray and install the cartridges.
  2. Next in case of touchscreen display go to the Wireless Settings, network Setup or Web Services Setup and then proceed with the instructions to enable the Web Services.
  3. Else tap the HP ePrint button in case of text based panel, click Setup and then proceed with the On-screen instructions to switch ON the Web Services.
  4. Next tap the Print or Print Info if the Web Services gets enabled already. Then the Printer shows the email address and prints the info page with email address.

Avail email Address in Button Model Printers - For Android devices

  1. First check that you connect your Android device and Printer to the same wireless network.
  2. Next go to the official website, then install the HP Smart app on your phone to avail the Printer’s email address.
  3. Now click the Printer icon from the app home screen.
  4. Then click the Advanced Settings from the My Printer screen in the HP Smart app .
  5. Once click the Web Services to configure the Web Services.
  6. Now if the Web Services gets enabled, then the Summary option appears on the Web Services section, so that click Print Info Page and then proceed with these steps.
  7. Else if the Web Services does not enables, then Setup option appears on the Web Services portion.
  8. So that you must click Setup and proceed with the instructions to activate the Web Services and proceed with these steps to print the info page.
  9. Next if the Printer email address not in the info page, then relax for some time and print the info page again.

Print from Smartphone

  • Now open the document or photo you like to print.
  • Then click the Action or Share icon and choose the email option.
  • Next enter the Printer’s email address into the To field and the subject into the email subject line. Now click Send option.
  • Now open the email you wish to print and then click Forward.
  • Then enter the Printer’s email address into the To field and click Send.
  • Here open the webpage you wish to print.
  • Next click the screen and hold to choose all and copy them.
  • After this, open the new document and tap the screen.
  • Then hold that screen to paste them into the document you opened.
  • Next save the document to your device and then attach this document to the email message. Then address that to your Printer and click Send.

Once you complete the Printer setup, you can refer the official website for the download and installation of HP DeskJet 2522 driver for your DeskJet 2522 Printer.