Epson Laser Printer is the heavy performance and well-formed Printer that gives out high standard printouts. This compact Printer that fits your room uses smart technology to makes the sharper and clear photos.This Printer makes automatic two-sided printing of documents and photos, thus conserves upto 50% in paper. This Printer can be connected to your device via the wired or wireless connection and also performs mobile printing of your documents. You can download and install the driver software for your Epson Printer from the official website.

These Epson Laser Printers has Advanced Amplitude Modulation screen and uses Duplex printing option to minimize the print time. The ink toners used by this Printer are of good standard helps to make finer and brighter printing.  Then the print job interruption option available in this Printer, where the print jobs in the queue can be paused till the completion of the demanded print job.  Then this Printer easily connects to the Wi-Fi to make mobile printing from your Android phones and iPhones. The cancellation of print jobs option available for the users during the time of printing. This Printer gives safer printing of documents with the help of IPSEC encryption. The print jobs merging and print settings changing options are available with the help of the printing tool.

Epson Laser Printer - Mac connection

  • First make download of the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility.
  • Then run that software and tap Continue.
  • Next tap Continue to Agree to the Software License Agreement and tap Agree.
  • Now tap Install and tap Close. Then choose your Printer and tap Next.
  • Next choose Printer Registration and then tap Next.

Steps for resetting Epson Printer Reset

  • First switch OFF the Printer. Then tap the reset button on the rear end of the Printer and hold that for few seconds.
  • Now switch ON your Printer when you hold the reset button. Then your Printer prints a printout after 5 seconds.
  • Next after 5 seconds, your Printer will print another printout that displays the reset IP address of your Printer.

Epson Laser Printer - Steps to connect Epson Wi-Fi Printer with the Windows laptop

  • First make download of the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility.
  • Then run that software and choose Agree for the End-User License Agreement.
  • Now tap Next and then choose Install.
  • Now tap Finish and choose your Printer. Then tap Next.
  • Next choose Printer Registration and then tap Next. Then choose Agree and then tap Next.

Way to setup the Printer on wireless LAN by using the Advanced Setup

  • First switch ON your Printer. Then type the Setup mode.
  • Next to choose the Network settings, tap the Left or Right arrow button.
  • Now choose Wireless LAN Setup and tap OK.
  • Then choose the Advanced Setup and tap OK.

Epson Laser Printer - Fix Epson Printer not connects to my Printer

  • First initialize your Router. Then restart your Computer.
  • Next from the power supply, disconnect your router’s power cord. Then wait for sometime and connect back again.
  • Then restart your computer and print again if you still not able to print.
  • If you still not able to fix the issue, then contact Epson support.

Procedure to connect Epson Printer wirelessly on Windows 10

  • First tap Windows key and Q simultaneously to open the Windows.
  • Then enter “printer” and choose Printers & Scanners.
  • Now tap Add a printer or scanner. Then select The printer that I wasn’t listed.
  • Next choose Add a Bluetooth or wireless Printer. Then select the connected Printer.

Epson Laser Printer - Steps to identify your Epson Printer’s SSID

  • First make a right click on the Wireless Network Connection. Then from the pop-menu choose Status that opens the Network Connection Status Window.
  • Next check once the SSID. Then tap Advanced.
  • Now tap the Airport tab and make a double click on the Network name confirmed in previous step.
Epson Laser Printer - Steps to connect my Epson Printer to the phone
  • First connect your Epson Printer to the wireless network.
  • Next on your mobile phone, from the Google Play download the Epson Printer Enable plug-in.
  • Now on your mobile phone, navigate to Settings. Then choose Printing and activate the Epson plug-in
Steps to share my Epson Printer on the network
  • First make sure that Printer directly connects to your computer.
  • Next tap Start on your computer. Then choose Settings and then tap Printers.
  • Next choose your Printer, then from the File menu tap Sharing.
  • Now choose Shared as and on the Share name text box, type the name.