HP Printer serves as the multi-job making Printer that makes print, scan, fax and copy functions using the wireless connection for your HP Printer. This Printer saves your money and consumes only less space, thus can be placed anywhere you wish. Next you can make faster printing of your documents and photos from your mobile phones and other devices. Also this Printer gives out good standard printouts using the reliable design. You can login to official website for download and installation of Printer driver software for your Printer. This Printer can handle printing tasks and scan easily with the help of HP All-in-One Printer Remote app. The HP Deskjet2622 wireless setup for your HP dj2622 Printer with mobile devices involves only simple steps and does not need any additional steps.

Then this Printer allows you for easy wireless printing of images from mobile devices and the control panel guides the user for easy handling. Next the HP genuine cartridges allows to print twice as many pages and this Printer produces bold, clear and crisp printouts. Then the output tray of this Printer helps to reduce space if that is closed so that consumes sheets in use. Thus minimizes paper jams.


HP Deskjet2622 wireless setup - Printer Unboxing

First begin the HP Deskjet 2622 Printer setup by tearing and opening the Printer packed cardboard box.

  • Next take out the packed items like power cord, USB cable and driver installation CD. Then clear the cardboard flap and take out the plastic cover containing the driver installation CD, setup poster and reference guide.
  • Next take out your HP Deskjet 2622 Printer. Then clear the thermo col flaps at the sides of your Printer.
  • After this take the power cord. Then connect the ends of the power cord to the Printer’s back part and power supply respectively.
  • Now tap the power button to switch ON your Printer. Then pull open the output on the front side of your Printer.
  • Next open the ink cartridge access door, so that the carriage will move towards the centre of the cartridge access area.
  • Then tear the packets and take out the cartridges. After this, pull the orange colored tab to clear the plastic tape over the cartridges.
  • When you clear the plastic tape, make sure that you do not touch the ink nozzles or copper contacts as that may results in issues like paper jam, ink clog and wrong electrical connections.
  • Now insert the cartridges into the respective slots in the cartridge access area based on the color. Then close cartridge access door.

Print Alignment Page

  • Once the Printer detects the cartridges, that will get ready to print. Then pull up and extend out the input tray at the back side of the Printer.
  • From the input tray move the paper width guide to the outermost position. Now take a bunch of aligned papers and insert them into the input tray. Once you load the papers, you adjust the paper width again. Then pull out the output tray extender.
  • After you complete the five print tasks, your Printer will print the Alignment page. Then you can scan this Alignment page for later use.
  • For this, take the printed Alignment page, open the scanner lid and place that on the scanner glass. Now make sure that you keep the Alignment page print side down on the scanner glass.
  • Then close the scanner lid and tap the Start copy button, so that your Printer will begin the scanning of your documents

Once you complete the Printer setup, make sure you visit the official website for download and installation of driver software for your HP Deskjet 2622 All-in-one Printer after which you can make the HP Deskjet2622 wireless setup .

HP Deskjet 2622 Printer Driver Installation

You Printer needs a mediator that can make your Printer to understand your computer files. Then the Printer driver acts as the communicator between your Printer and your computer. Hence the driver software is must need for your Printer operation. Then you can install the Printer driver using the CD that came with your Printer. Else if you find that the CD is outdated or you wish to install the driver software, then you login to the official website for the installation of Printer driver.

  • First make sure that you do not connect the USB cable till the software driver insists you.
  • Next open a browser as per your wish. Then login to the official website for driver installation.
  • From that website, you can download and install the latest version of the Printer. Now tap the Download button.  
  • Then wait till the download completes. Next on the left browser download, tap the software to open the HP installer.
  • After you open the HP installer, proceed with the On-screen steps to complete the installation process.
  • Finally continue with the On-screen prompts to finish the installation process.

Once you complete the Printer setup, make sure you visit the official website for download and installation of driver software for your HP dj2622 Printer after which you can make the HP Deskjet2622 wireless setup .

HP Deskjet 2622 Printer ePrint Setup

First make connection between your Printer and web. Then you must get the Printer email address.

In Your Android Devices

  1. Here you must use the HP Smart app to switch ON the Web Services and then you must the avail the Printer’s email address.
  1. Next that you must connect your Android device and Printer to the same wireless network.
  1. Now login to official website for HP Smart app installation on your phone or tablet.
  1. Next tap choose the Printer icon or plus sign on the home screen of the home app.
  1. After this tap Advanced Settings in the My Printer screen of the HP Smart app.
  1. Next choose click Web Services and then check if the Web Services enables.
  1. On the Web Services, the Summary option appears. Then click Print Info Page and then proceed with the below steps.
  1. On the Web Services option, the Setup option appears. Then choose click Setup and proceed with the On-screen instructions so that you enable the Web Services.
  2. Then proceed with the below steps, so that your Printer will now print an info page.
  1. Next get the ePrint email address from that info page. If the info page not prints, redo the earlier steps to print the info sheet.
  1. Then if the Printer email address not in the info page, then wait for sometime. After sometime, try to print the info page again.
Computer or Chromebook
  1. To avail the Printer code, you can use the Embedded Web Server to print the information page.
  2. Now you must print a Network Configuration page or self-test page on your Printer.
  3. Next identify the Printer IP address from the Network Configuration page or self-test page. Then open an Internet browser from your computer.
  4. After this, enter the Printer’s IP address in the address bar of the browser. Then hit Enter.
  5. Next if website security certificate appears in the Internet browser, then tap Continue.
  1. Then EWS information page will open to indicate that the Printer and the computer are on the same network.
  2. Now tap the Web Services tab from the EWS webpage. If the Web Services tab not available, then your Printer not supports HP ePrint.
  3. Next if the Web Services Setup page displays, then tap Continue or Enable. Then proceed with the On-screen instructions.
  4. After this if the Web Services Summary page appears and then if Web Services enables. Then tap Info Page below Web Services Settings and proceed with next step.
  5. Next identify the HP ePrint email address on the info page. Then if the info page not prints, redo the earlier steps to print the Info sheet.
HP Deskjet2622 wireless setup - Print with HP ePrint
  1. To send the print jobs from devices to your Printer, use the Printer’s email address.
  2. You can send an email from your computer to your Printer using the Printer email address.
  3. Then you can print the email content. To print document saved on computer. First create new email using your personal email account.
  4. Then enter the Printer’s email address in the To field. Next enter a subject in the email subject line. Then attachment of the document or photo with the email and tap Send.
  1. Initially open the email you wish to print, then choose Forward.
  2. Then enter the email address of Printer in the To field and tap Send.
  1. Now open the webpage you wish to print. Then tap the Ctrl or Command key and A key to choose the page content.
  2. Then tap the Ctrl or Command key and C key to copy that content. Next open a new blank document.
  3. Then tap the Ctrl or Command key and V key to paste that content into the document. On your computer, save this document.
  4. Finally in your email message, attach the document. Then tap Send to send that document to your Printer.