Canon Printer setup(Canon MG3650)

The Canon Printer setup procedure is quite easy and takes only less time.

  • Initially tear open the Printer packed cardboard box. Now slowly take out the Canon Printer from the cardboard box.
  • Next take away the stuffing thermo cols on the sides of the Printer. Then take away the cover containing the reference guide, information manual, etc and move them away temporarily.
  • To setup the Printer, clear off the plastic cover above the Printer. Then clear all the other tapes from your Printer.
  • Next lift open the scanner lid and take out the Styrofoam sheet. Then detach all other package materials such as tapes, stickers and other printing materials from the Printer.

Configure your Printer

  • Next take the Power cord and fix the ends of the power cord to the back end of the Printer and power supply or electrical plug point respectively.
  • Then switch ON your Canon Printer. Now take out the two cartridges from the packet.
  • Next open the front panel door and cartridge access door. Then pull the cartridges slot.
  • Now insert the black cartridges on the right side slot and the color cartridge on the left side slot.
  • Next close the cartridge access door and front panel door. Next pull open the input photo tray towards you and move the paper width guides opposite to each other.
  • Now take a bunch of unused papers and align them. Then close back the photo tray and pull out the extend tray.
  • Next take an unused paper to place that paper on the scanner. So open the scanner lid and place that paper on the scanner glass.
  • Then close the scanner lid and press the color button on your Canon Printer’s control panel.