Canon Pixma Inkjet Printer is the multi-tasking Printer that can perform print, scan and copy functions. This Printer makes the quicker printing of documents and photos. Canon Pixma Printer enables creative park Premium that allows the users to make attractive printing.These canon Pixma Inkjet Printer can make high standard printouts and cheaper to be used at homes. The ink cartridges are of good standard and lasts longer.  Then the ink replacement of this Printer more provident and can print pages in less cost.  This printer has inbuilt energy saving auto Power ON/OFF switch. This Printer will switch ON automatically once you give print task.

Canon Pixma Printer setup

  • First using the USB cable, connect your computer to your Canon Printer.
  • Once the connection completes, your Printer will sense the Printer driver automatically.
  • Then the Canon Inkjet print Utility will get downloaded automatically. Next with Canon Inkjet Print, register your Printer.
  • Then begin Canon Inkjet Print Utility and choose your Printer from the Select Model screen.

Premium Contents

  • The Premium contents are available for the users of Canon Inkjet Printers. The printable contents for your photos can be downloaded prior to the printing.

Way to get Premium contents

1) Using computer

  • First you can download the PREMIUM contents through the My Image Garden.
  • Then you can add your photos with PREMIUM contents to make your photo gallery.

2) Using tablet

  • First you can download the PREMIUM contents through the Easy-Photo Print+.
  • Then proceed to type the stamps and text or do other edits on the web.

3) Using Smartphone

  • First you can use the PIXMA/MAXIFY Cloud link to download the PREMIUM contents .
  • With this you are able to print the Premium contents.

4) Using Printer

  • First you can use the PIXMA/MAXIFY Cloud Link from your Printer.
  • Then you can print different PREMIUM contents without the help of computer or tablet.

Canon Creative Park Premium

Canon Creative Park provides the bunch of templates and works with all sort of  information. This feature can provide you six options like paper Craft, Scrapbook, Home and Living, Art, Calendars and paintings. On every option, you will get more than one templates and instructions. The users can use the Quick Menu or My Image Garden application  to download the printing materials for making attractive printing of your photos and documents. Then be sure that you install the original ink cartridges of your Canon Printer before you avail this feature. With the help of this feature, 3D dolls, birthday cards, scrapbook and other artworks can be made.

Canon Pixma Printer to Android phone setup

  • First on your android phone, download the Canon Print Inkjet/Selphy app.
  • For that type Canon Print on the Google Play Search and choose tap Canon Print Inkjet/ Selphy app.
  • Next install that app and open from your phone. Then switch ON your canon Printer.
  • Next tap the Wireless button and hold that for few seconds. Then from your Android phone, open the Canon Print app and tap Agree.
  • Then register your Canon Printer and choose connection method as connect via wireless router.
  • Next choose your wireless router network, then type the password and tap OK.
  • Then tap OK and register your Printer with the name of your Canon Printer.

WPS Connection Method in Canon Printers

  • First make sure that your device has WPS Push button. If you don’t find that WPS button, then use the Standard Connection method for wireless connection.
  • Then be sure that your network uses the WPA(Wi-Fi Protected Access).
  • Next switch ON your Canon Printer. Then on your Canon Printer, tap and hold the Wi-Fi button till the light blinks.
  • After the blue light begins to blink from your Wi-Fi button. Then navigate to your access point and tap the WPS button before 90 seconds.
  • Next the blue Wi-Fi light on the Printer flashes connecting to the access On this setup, green power light begins flashing.
  • Once the Printer connection successful, the blue and green light stops blinking and remains to glow.
  • To check if the connection was successful, try to print the network information page.
  • For that switch ON your canon Printer and then load a bundle of A4 sheets. Then tap and hold the Cancel button till the orange light blinks.
  • Then release that button so that our network information page will get printed.