• The 3D printing is the technique of creating a three-dimensional object by accumulating more number of fine layers of materials in order. This technology adds the layers one-by-one called additive manufacturing.

Steps in 3D Printing

  • In this type of printing, creating of the 3D file for the object you wish to print. The CAD software used to make 3D file otherwise you can download the 3D file from online.
  • After this you must select the materials that has definite quality suitable for your object. The items needed for this printing covers plastics, metals, glass, cloths, gums etc. These materials allows you to succeed the accurate design of the object that you think off.
  • Finally this printing involves finishing of the object. Once the 3d printing of the object completes, then that must be finished with special work and items. The processes like painting, coloring etc are used to finish this 3D printing.

Applications of 3D Printing

These 3D print outputs have various applications. Then, includes architectural models, film sets, dental cleaning prop, goggles, forensic department body parts.

Various 3D Printer models

The various professional available on the market are

  • Zortrax M300 Plus
  • Raise3D Pro2 Plus
  • Ultimaker S5
  • Markforged Mark 2
  • Original Prusai3 MK3S
  • Lulzbot Taz Pro
  • RizeOne
  • Intamsys Funmat HT
  • Delta WASP 4070 Industrial
  • SprintRay MoonRay S
  • Formlabs Forms3
  • Formlabs Fuse1
  • Sinterit Lisa Pro

Advantages of 3D Printer

  • Conserves money

Besides using this printing method, you are able to print the household objects like containers, shoe support, tubes, coffee table self etc at minimum cost. This could reduce your cost.

  • Helps in education

The school projects and models of the school children can be three dimensionally printed using this 3D Printer.

  • Good means for income

Instead of spending money to buy the models you need, you can print the designs as you wish using your 3D Printer.

  • Faster than to make orders

Many are in need to buy some of the models for their education and household needs. Then ordering of such models consumes too much of time instead they can be printed three dimensionally.

  • Good Standard

The standard of the models and design produced by 3D Printers may be better when you compare to the models that you order outside.

  • Environmentally Tolerable

The materials used for the 3D printing is almost tolerable with respect to the environment and can exist for long period of time. This type of printing prints 3D objects of tolerable standards and most of the materials used do not harm the environment.

  • Make items different to 3D printing

The tools like Arduino microchip and Raspberry Pie used in this 3D printing to make objects related to science and technology.  

  • Make equipments and Personalized gifts

Very small equipments needed for home and other domestic purpose  done using this printing. Also this technology helps to make personalized gifts for children and friends.

  • 3D Printers enjoyment

Besides the toys, dolls and gifts printed by the 3D Printers gives intense fun and happiness to the kids and makes them feel good.

  • Future technology

There will be immense need for 3D models in the future. Each department might require model during their technology growth. Then these 3D printers will be helpful to fulfill those needs.